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Scope covers - BRD's & Comp Series

Scope covers – BRD

Leupold Caps

Mark’s Rifle

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 In the above pictures are the Leather Scope caps that I make. As all things that I do it started as something I couldn’t find or didn’t like what was out there so I decided to make my own. At first they were pretty crude but after many sets they evolved into what is pictured. For several years I would mostly give them to friends but for the time involved and the demand I decided to sell them on a limited basis. If you should inquire as to deliverability please keep in mind that they take approximately 2 weeks to finish one set given the dry times and work load. Below is a list of scope models that I currently make.

Note:  I do not make caps for old military sniper rifle scopes; I do not make caps with a connecting strap, such items as this would be best contracted thru a local tack or saddle shop.


Caps are available for:


Nightforce Benchrest – 12 x 42 x 56

Nightforce Benchrest –   8 x 32 x 56

Nightforce NXS – 12 x 42 x 56

Nightforce NXS –    8 x 32 x 56

Nightforce Competition   15 x 55 x 52 

Nightforce Comp Fixed 42x

IOR Valdada 36x

Leupold BRD’s 36X

Leupold LCS 35X – 45X Comp Series

Leupold FX-3 All Powers (Also fits 40mm AO Shades)

Leupold VXII Tactical/ NON-AO

Leupold NON-AO w/ 1.945 Objective Diameter

Leupold VX3 8.5 x 25 x 50mm 

March 40 thru 60 BR

Sightron SII 36×42 BRD

Sightron SII Big Sky 36×42 BRD 

Weaver T 36X New Model  (not the same as old steel tube)

Weaver T 36x Old Steel Tube (all T series of this vintage may be the same)




There may be other models I can fit but would need an accurate caliper measurement of both ends to see if my dies will cross over.


Contact info:

If you wish to inquire just type your questions in the (leave a reply) box at the bottom of this page, this will be sent to my personal account and I will respond to you by email after that.  I do not post my personal email account on this site for spam reasons.


 Thank You


13 thoughts on “Leather Scope Covers

  1. I thought you did a great job Rick. This will get you some gunsmithing work for sure. By the way where did you get the sheep pictures? Keep up the good work. BOB

  2. I’ve had a set of covers for a March scope now for a while and love them. They fit like a glove and don’t fall off, yet I don’t have to fight to remove them either. An added plus is that they’re heavy enough to not blow off a bench in the slightest wind like plastic covers. They look great too. Rick, you’re a true craftsman.

  3. The scope caps are works of art. I know. I have a few sets. At one time you made and, I think, sold caps that had a snake skin insert at the ends. Do you still make those?

  4. Hi Rick,

    The caps came in today’s mail, while I was in Kentucky shooting, they fit my Nightforce perfectly. I mentioned to the shooter next to me that I had leather caps coming, he wants your info, I’m pretty sure he will be ordering a set. Nobody down here has anything like this so you just might be getting some orders from the score shooters down here, most of them have Nightforce scopes.
    I’ll be showing them off in two weeks at Galatin, TN.
    Check will be in Monday’s mail, Thanks a bunch, they are a work of art.

    Dan Honert

  5. Fantastic craftsmanship, super kool retro look and practical. Worth every penny. And I am sure I will sell my pair yet again and then hollering for another set… Thanks Rick.

    Rod Vigstol
    Fargo ND

  6. Received my leather caps today, and they are made perfectly, very nice craftmanship, something you don’t see alot of today.
    Order Ricks caps and you won’t be disappointed.
    Thank you, Rick
    Robert Schultz

  7. What Robert said above!
    Received my leather caps today, and they are made perfectly, very nice craftmanship, something you don’t see alot of today.
    Order Ricks caps and you won’t be disappointed.
    Lynn Gibson
    Burnet, TX

  8. I recieved my scope caps today, all I can say is wow , these are wonderful, if everything in the world was made like this ,what a place it would be. Nice to see some good old fashioned american know how, is still alive and well. thanks for the stellar job Rick.

  9. Hi Rick,
    I need a pair of caps for my IOR Valdada 36X scope, do you have any in stock? Please let me know when they might be available.

    Dan Honert

  10. Received my scope rings today. Absolutely beautiful. Great craftsmanship and the fit is perfect. Thanks Rick , this old BR 36x Leupold never looked so good.

    • Hello Rick, This is Dana Rowe you made me some caps awhile back for me , just bought a new scope a leupold vx3i 3.5x10x40 , was hoping you might be able to make a set of caps for it, thank you.

  11. Rick, had been shooting a couple of rifles with March scopes on them the other day. One had your scope caps. The other had the original March leather caps. The difference in quality by far went to your scope caps. Not that the March factory caps were bad. But, yours were far superior.

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