About Me

Spring 2008

Spring 2008

I call Michigan home, born and raised near Grand Rapids and worked for 30+ years in the auto industry and now retired. Married with 2 children, both are now through college and working, Finally!

I have had an interest in guns and hunting since a very early age, fly-fishing brings in a very close second, and anything related to these falls in between. I have more hobbies than you can shake a stick at, so many that there isn’t enough time or money to do all the things want before I die. I have a love for creating whether it is in wood, leather, steel or anything else. My dad was a mechanic and taught auto mechanics at the high school level, so it stands to reason that cars were a passion also. If I could have one material thing back from my past it would be my 66 Chevelle, it was my first car and my most cherished possession.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Interesting article on lapping the neck on a FL Die. I need to do that on my 6mmBR Redding Die. It is at .260 and I would like it to be .265 to .266. Thanks for your postings.

  2. Mr Averill, I found a post on the web you made of a Singer 29-4. I recently bought one, and it has the drawer missing that is suppose to have in it. By chance you know of anyone that could make a drawer to fit under the industrial treadle? Thank you for your time.

  3. Above post: I too am looking for a drawer. Did you find a solution. Other questions: 1.)Does the 29-4 have the option to put the wheel on the front? 2.) I have the larger spools of thread. Can you provide a little feedback as to how you perfectly rigged them on your machine? Thanks in advance!!!

  4. Hi Rick,
    Checkout polyurethane belts for your Singer 29. You can either heat and join or there are little shaped slugs that join the hollow version. works very well. I use 6mm 1/4″
    james Williams Australia

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