Dubbing Brush Spinner


Dubbing Brush Spinner


Dubbing Brush Spinner







This is a recent project, what I used in the past was basic and crude so being bored on day I decided to up-grade this item. Some parts from the old one were reused in this one, there are many different styles and I suppose this is a combination of them with some of my own. Pretty basic, hand powered but could be adapted to power with slight mods, the best part is it now works without breaking the wire prematurely, something that the old one did on a regular basis. The hook on the right hand side is attached to a spring plate, the spring is a rubber band or two wrapped around the base of that plate allowing it to give as the wire is twisted. If anyone would wish for more info just leave a comment and I will respond.

February 2015

Added more pictures and some close up shots of how this is constructed, the main thought was to emulate the Nor Vise dubbing stand. The top of this has some leather laminated to it to help hold materials in place until closing the wire loop and at that time the table is lowered out of the way while spinning.

Thanks for looking……



2 thoughts on “Dubbing Brush Spinner

  1. hello friend great idea. I’m sitting here running my CAD program and designing one with some ideas from yours “I will be giving you credit when I post my design”. What I was wondering is did you find that having the thread right on the table surface was better or would you of wanted it a little higher? I’m thinking of tying large hackles and bigger fibers. Just curious thanks again!

    Be well,


  2. Good morning Tom,

    I probably should have taken more pictures and broke down the parts for my spinner but I really didn’t think there would be that much interest.

    The table swings down, nothing more than a piano hinge and a block to prop the table into position. The surface of the table is covered with a piece of leather similar to the Nor-Vise dubbing table, not sure if this is the way to go or not but it seems to work for holding dubbing material in place before pinching it between the wires. After it is pinched between the wires I take a couple turns and drop the table before spinning, so far it works as planned but I am no expert so it could go thru another change at some point.

    I put the wire that I am going to use in a bobbin, wrap a couple turns on the bolt of the right side, pull it up over the right hook, to the left hook and let the bobbin hang, place material on the table, pull the wire over it and the right hook, and a turn around the bolt then spin. I hope this explains it a little further…….

    At some point when I am completely satisfied with it I will redo the entire spinner with better materials, at that time I will draw some sort of plans and a tutorial.

    I would be interested in seeing what you come up with…….



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