Lathe Stuff

Lathe Outboard Spider

SB Spider

                                         (Shown with a nylon plug I keep in place to make sure the screws do not back out)

From the array of spiders that everyone is making for their lathes I thought I would post the one I made in 2002.  It is nothing more than a piece of aluminum bored out to fit snugly on the shaft with 4 set screws to secure it in place, the ID is the same dimension as the thru hole on my lathe so it doesn’t hinder anything that will fit thru the chuck. The 4 screws with brass tips are 5/16 set screws that I drilled a hole in the end with a carbide drill then turned some brass tips and glued them in. I did have to slightly enlarge the hole in the shaft cover to allow for clearance but not by much, it makes for a neat clean addition to the lathe and more than adequate for holding barrels.


Thanks for looking………………..




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