Erickson Shank

Erickson Shank 

Today’s project was to make a shank for my two Erickson boring heads (1/12/2012). My initial plan was to purchase an R8 shank but was unable to find one to fit the Erickson threads so I decided to make a straight shank. These heads were given to me last year and to be honest had no idea on how to use them so they have sat in the tool box until now.  

 This all came to light when JW mentioned to me about sweeping the inside arks on my mill with a boring head on my next project. To explain where this is all going I found a print that was posted on I believe Practical Machinist of a scissor style knurling tool, I have a push style knurling tool which is not really good for the bearings on a South Bend lathe so I need something different. I chose this project because it is a little more involved and will be a good learning curve as I have very little knowledge on a how to use a mill, now I just hope that all my other interests and commitments don’t get in the way.

Erickson Shaft

(Knurling Tool will be posted when finished)

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