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In this project I have my personal rest box, just recently on another site they featured the same Rubbermaid action packer that I used. Back in 1996 I came up with my first rest box made of plywood that I built for my Wichita, in 1999 I purchased a Bald Eagle and wanting to keep the weight down I purchased the action packer pictured below. I also wanted to be able to pack all essentials needed to play the game in one compact box so nothing would get left home.

Bals Eagle rest box

Bald Eagle rest box

 With the lid off it looks cluttered but there is quite a bit more room for ammo boxes, towel and other small items. If we are pooling to go to a match it pays to have things compact so we can get everything into one vehicle. I now have 6 action packers that I have adapted to other things, they stack and store easily and keep everything where I can find it.

Reat box open

Rest box open

 Here everything is unloaded, I carry the Bald Eagle rest, rear bag, 3 bag donuts, elbow pad, mirage shield, tape, wind chart, timer/ shell block, staple gun, gun cover, bench mat and a bag with small repair parts and tools.  I use to carry an extra rear bag but opted to carry the extra donuts to adjust height instead.





Below are pictures of the plywood insert that I made to fit the bottom of the action packer. I measured the height of my front rest in the lowest position to gage how far up the bottom plate could sit. The rest doesn’t have to be in the lowest position to fit inside but it works best if it is and everything else fits better also. I made a template from card board scribed to the area inside that I wanted it to fit, transferred that to a ½ “ piece of plywood and cut, added 2” blocks to support it in that position. This made a very solid platform and stiffened the box considerably even though it is not fastened in any way.

The area under the bottom plate can store things that are not used very often or just spare parts. I have other boxes that have plates at different levels and one that has 2 inside, if there is an interest in these I will post them at a later date.

Box insert

Box insert








Well I hope that this is of some interest to those looking to compact there shooting equipment or anything else. I have one with all my archery stuff, one for loading tools when shooting group and load at the range and one for my F-Class rest and bags. I can remember the first 3 action packers that I purchased were $8 but the last 2 were around $14; this is an inexpensive, durable water proof container for storage and transport of valuable equipment. It isn’t without drawbacks but the function and cost outweigh them, to date I haven’t found anything to work better.


Good shootin…….Rick     









1 thought on “Front Rest Box

  1. That’s a great idea for a gear box! I am building a wooden box to carry my front rest + rear bag etc. and was looking for an idea for wooden handles to go with it. I see you built a wooden box originally. Would you happen to have any pics?

    Your action packer box is so practical and cool(especially with the wooden bottom), that I may switch my plans.

    Thanks Rick.

    Best regards,


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