Mark’s Swindlehurst



Mark sent me some pictures of his last project and I ask him if I could share it with others by posting it on my site so here it is and Thanks Mark. 

Mark's 22 LR Swindlehurst

22 LR 10.5lb/ 13.5lb Class

Gunsmith/ Stock work by Butch Hongisto

Swindlehurst Action

Broughton 5C 16-Twist Barrel

Roger Von Aherns Tuner/ Weight Set

McMillan/ Bruno LV Stock

Paint – House o Kolor Sunset Orange Pearl w/ Gold Powdered Glass Flake

Jewell BR Trigger

Scope – Weaver T-36 w/ Dot

 After seeing the first picture that Mark sent me I was taken by the paint, it has been in my mind for some time to do a rifle in a color such as Mark has chosen.

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

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