Reloading Equipment Box

Reloading Equipment Box

 This particular box (action packer) is for transporting the powder measure and stand, Harrell’s press, Sinclair arbor press and miscellaneous items that are required for loading at matches. This box is also for storage of these items and a host of miscellaneous that one could want or need and often left behind. This in no way covers all the case prep or loading items, for that I also have a small Machinists chest that carries small tools, powder bottles, priming tools, bullets, primers etc.  I detest carting equipment in cardboard boxes and being unorganized, there has been so many times I have left things to home, now when I pack for a shoot I just grab a couple of Action Packers knowing that everything is in there.

R. E. B.

R. E. B.

I have made an insert (shelf) that holds the presses secure and just lifts out, once out it reveals a section or the bottom of this container which can hold a host of things, plenty of room for those items rarely used or most often needed. As I have stated before (front rest box) that the shelves or inserts are customized for items that I have, most everyone’s equipment varies and this is just an idea for anyone to customize to there own tastes. I will not go into any more detail for it would be redundant from my other posts, I hope it is of some interest and use.

Thanks for looking…………………….  

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