Mark’s Range Cart

Range Cart

Range Cart

Range Cart
Range Cart

Mark’s Range Cart.


I received these pictures of Mark’s new range cart, an avid shooter and competitor from the great state of Wisconsin. According to Mark it was a team effort, he drew up the original plans and a friend with a home CNC program did the final layout and down loaded it to a disk. Another friend took that disk to work and down loaded it to a CNC laser, then cut, broke and bent everything from 90# stainless steel for Marks’s assembly. The front end has a steering mechanism much like a car’s steering complete with heim joints and adjustable SS tie rods.

Mark has a wireless remote electric winch mounted in his van for loading and unloading. The dimensions of this cart are 30” x 60” x 24” and every piece of the cart except for the wheels and cleaning rod tubes are stainless steel. Mark states that he can haul 3 rifles, rests, 2 rear bags and all the cleaning, reloading supplies needed under one roof and judging from the pictures it is one fine range cart. I did comment that I liked the Dewey exhaust pipes coming out the back but if you are not a shooter you wouldn’t get it.

Mark has stated;  everyone that see’s it asks me about making them one, right up until I tell them the expected cost and no he doesn’t want to build another one.


I thought after seeing this range cart that it would be nice to share it with others and asked Mark if it would be ok to which he answered feel free. There are a lot of us that do not or are not able to travel long distances to compete and it is nice to see others equipment whether it be home designed and built or purchased. I’d liked to thank Mark for allowing me to share this with all who view my site.  Thanks Mark…

1 thought on “Mark’s Range Cart

  1. Rick,
    your site isbeautiful, your write ups well written and informative, and your work is beautiful. GREAT JOB. how much for the leather caps forthe Niteforce?

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