Tube Vise

Fly Tying Tube Vise

Well I am still not sure just why I had to do this but at the time it seemed like a good idea and maybe I was a little bored. To cover the possibility of ever wanting to tie a tube fly I figured I should have some sort of dedicated vise so here is the finished product. The idea isn’t mine, there are several styles out there using the same Starrett pin vise and it is a very logical choice to save work. In the foreground of the picture is the mandrel I made to turn the Delrin bushing, this bushing is pressed on the pin vise after turning. I’m sure that if and when I tie some tube flies that the vise will undergo some modifications. All parts are made of stainless steel and brass.

Tube Vise 2012

December 2, 2012

With the amount of traffic on this page and inquire I decided to post some more pictures of this vise. As stated it is nothing special and really doesn’t need to be for the function it performs, HMH uses the same principle in there vise as do others and for this is why mine does also. The pin vise is a Starrett # 240-B, one may want to go one size larger on the pin vise if using large tubing, I have one made for mine if it should ever be needed but for my tying the # 240-B will suffice. Once the pin vise was obtained the rest of the vise was built around it. In the picture the Starrett pin vise has a delrin bushing, I made this bushing and it was press fitted on then chucked up in the lathe and turned concentric to the vise shaft. I suppose one could call this backwards engineering but it simplifies some of the problems doing a one off piece. The body of the vise came from a worn out 416 stainless rife barrel, turned and bored to fit the delrin bushing, the shaft is a 3/8 330 stainless and the rest of the parts were fashioned from reclaimed brass and no I do not have any prints.

Vise Parts

Vise Parts

Tube Vise

Tube Vise

All in all it has functioned well, after using it for a month I added the spinning handle to make it full rotary, something I was told I would or should have done to begin with, it just takes some people a little longer for things to sink in……(me)

I hope this satisfies those that have inquired, thanks for all the comments………





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