Spider Plate

DSCN3547 DSCN3552


South Bend Heavy 10

For those looking for ideas on making there own spider plate I thought I would post some information on how I made mine.

My SB Heavy 10 is equipped with a D1-3 spindle mount so finding a donor backing plate is quite easy. I am unsure just where this chuck and plate came from but it looked to be a cheap import, I discarded the chuck for it was a POS and didn’t work.  An import backing plate can be found on CDCO Machinerys web site for $42, this is where I was going to purchase a back plate until I ran across mine for $30.

The 4 bolts are 3/8 – 24 x 1 ½  with the head diameter reduced to .525 and recessed in the spider housing so nothing protrudes on a 1.25 shank barrel which is about the largest I do. There is an aluminum collar that was made to fit the 1.2 to 1.25 barrel shank so there is no marring of the barrel which also aids in indicating. When and if needed another aluminum ring can be easily made for smaller or larger diameters, brass or copper should also work just as well. DSCN33981

All in all a nice addition to the machine………

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